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Quality Accreditation

in association with Cask Marque

We’ll reward you for demonstrating your commitment to the quality of Greene King IPA. Mystery shoppers will be visiting IPA stockists* who will look for:

  • Availability: Is Greene King IPA on the bar?
  • Advocacy: Can bar staff describe and recommend?
  • Care: Is the quality top-notch?
  • Perfect Serve: How was the pint presented?

To become accredited, the quality of the beer is essential. The assessors will use a 10-point checklist that can be downloaded and printed here for your staff notice board. You can also watch a video showing what the visit will look like, and how to achieve the perfect score.

Your Reward

  • A “Thank You” letter from the Brewery.
  • A ‘Quality Assured’ wall plaque, showing your customers that you care about your cask ale.
  • Pump clip crowners for the bar.
  • Optimum yields and maximised profits.

Watch a ‘perfect score’ video

Download the 10-point checklist poster

*selected customers only